What does it mean when a restaurant is classified as Full Halal?
Full Halal refers to a restaurant where all of the food on the menu is halal.  The restaurant will not have any pork or any other non-halal items on the menu. However, this does not mean that a full halal restaurant does not serve alcohol.  If you’re considering dining at one of the Full Halal restaurants in our directory, the Alcohol Served category will give you a clear understanding on whether the restaurant serves alcohol or not.

Halal Verification = Verified or Verbal Assurance?
Before a restaurant gets added to our directory, we take steps to ensure the information they are providing on halal status is authentic. A member of the Dine Halal team will call the restaurant to get information on where they are sourcing their halal meat and ingredients from. If the supplier confirms the information provided by the restaurant, the word verified will appear next to Halal Verification. But if for some reason, we are unable to reach the supplier, the information given to us by the restaurant owner is noted in good faith and the words verbal assurance will appear next to Halal Verification.

What does Validation Date mean?
This is the date when information including halal sourcing was collected from the restaurant and/or suppliers. Very often restaurants will change their suppliers for various reasons. In order for us to keep up with these changes, our standard operating procedures dictate all restaurant information is verified on a regular basis. This allows us to update any changes in halal information so you always have the most current material to make informed decisions.

What does HH mean?
This means that the poultry is from a halal by hand source. (This does not apply to beef as it cannot be halal by machine; beef can only be halal by hand.)

What does HM mean?
This means that the poultry is from a halal by machine source. (This does not apply to beef as it cannot be halal by machine; beef can only be halal by hand.)

Why do you only have 450 restaurants in your directory?
Discovering halal food options for our followers is exciting – but it’s also hard work! As soon as we learn of a new halal restaurant, we set out to gather information that will make it easy for you to find a suitable place to eat. Sometimes it takes a few minutes on the phone to gather data and sometimes it takes a few days before we hear back from restaurant owners or suppliers. Each restaurant presented to you in our directory has been put together after hours of work. So while we have started with 450 restaurants, we assure you the list will grow quickly; just keep visiting us here or make sure to follow us on social media.

How will I know about new restaurants?
If you go to the Restaurants page, there is a section called New Restaurants. On the 1st of each month, restaurants that opened its doors for business in the past four weeks will be populated there.

I found a restaurant on your site that has incorrect information!
Thank goodness for discerning eyes! Sometimes restaurants change ownership, concept and even suppliers. Even though we have processes in place to re-confirm information we initially gather regularly, restaurants can go through changes at any time. If you see something on our website that needs to be updated, please use the Contact page to reach out to us.

How can we notify you about new restaurants?
We love hearing from passionate foodies! Simply populate all of the fields on the Notify Us page when you come across a new halal restaurant.

Does anyone validate reviews before they get published?
We love when foodies share their restaurant experiences – service encounters, food expectations, ambiance impressions – everything counts! And while we want reviews to be honest and unbiased there are a few content guidelines entries must meet or we reserve the right to take action. Having said that, bogus reviews aren’t as easy to identify as offensive ones, so we will definitely appraise entries to make sure users have access to the most authentic experiences and reviews. With so many people leaving reviews, the process isn’t as easy to manage, but we promise to be prudent.