Location: 1059 Dundas Street W., Mississauga, L5C 1C3
Restaurant type: Dine-In and Take Out
Type of food served: Classic comfort foods
Halal Particulars: Halal by hand sources
Blog content provided by: Fareeha Mirza

What we ate

  • Vegetable Spring Rolls: Looked appealing, easy to eat, very different as it had Thai
    noodles in them which was definitely a new thing for me, mild in spice level. I would
    recommend this to people who prefer something mild and light.
    Spicy Shrimp Rolls: Very well done not oily, very light and flavourful, shrimps were
    cooked nicely, not that spicy stuffed with Thai noodles as well.
  • Rosemary Infused Onion Rings: Definitely a twist to the classic onion ring! Onion
    didn’t separate from the batter which was a plus, however, they were a bit too oily.
    So, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone that is health conscious or doesn’t like
    greasy food.
  • Panko Breaded Crispy Eggplant Fries: Very nicely done, not that oily just the right
    balance between healthy and fast food. Very flavourful as well. I would recommend
    this to anyone who likes trying new things and wants to try things similar to fries as
    there isn’t that much of a difference in taste.


  • Grilled AAA 60oz Steak: Cooked to perfection as ordered, no rubbery consistency.
    Fresh bread that was very light. A bit heavy compared to the wrap so need to bring a
    full appetite!


  • Mexican Chicken: A light wrap full of Mexican flavor; chicken and beans with fresh
    salsa, aioli, and cheese. This is great for an on –the-go light lunch that is also

Gourmet Pizza

  • Chicken Pizza: Great tasting pizza! Fresh soft crust with freshly made tomato sauce
    from scratch and fresh cheese. Way better than any other typical pizza out there.
    Well done with flavourful grilled chicken and veggies. Great for an authentic pizza-
    type feel at a fraction of the cost.


  • French pastries (mango, red velvet): portion size was generous, not overly sweet,
    but taste was a bit off – almost like they were not freshly made. I wouldn’t
    recommend this to anyone who is serious about dessert!


  • The host and chef were very polite and welcoming they told us their story and the
    road that led them to start a restaurant venture. It didn’t take that long for our
    orders especially since we had 3 main entrees and 3 different appetizers/sides –
    everything was served in about 15-20 mins. The overall service was good, quick and


  • The restaurant is both kid friendly and adult friendly; it has a light and relaxing
    atmosphere lending it a very chill vibe. It has a modern and minimalist interior.

Overall restaurant rating:

  • My overall experience of Kantene: great classic comfort food with great hospitality.
    I would definitely go back and recommend this place to people who prefer a low-key
    dining environment – not too much of a crowd, steady in pace, not to mention, it’s a
    great place to have a quick, uninterrupted lunch meeting. Food was delicious, fresh
    and hit the perfect spice notes.

Don’t Miss

  • The Pizza! The epitome of comfort food – and this restaurant does it well. House-made dough, fresh ingredients, toppings and pizza make this menu option a guilty pleasure!