Blackstone Steak House and Grill

Blackstone Steak House and Grill

Blackstone Steak House and Grill isn’t like your average steakhouse; located in Mississauga, it’s tucked away in the corner of a busy plaza, and might be hard to sight at first, so look for the huge Bombay Grill sign and you’ll find Blackstone right beside it. The restaurant itself is inside a
shared complex, and upon entering, it doesn’t really scream steakhouse. The walls are mirrored
(now that may be a bonus – it stops you from having to run to the bathroom to check for steak in your teeth) and the restaurant has gone more for a simplistic interior with dim lighting.

But the décor here is an afterthought. The main draw is the unique way in which the steaks are
served. Each time, steaks are brought to diners on a hot lava plate (which heats up to 400F); the steak is presented medium-rare, and diners are expected to leave the steak on the lava plate until their preferred doneness is achieved. At which point it is advisable to remove the steak from the lava plate onto your own plate – so as to preventing overcooking (which could lead to a tougher steak rather than a juicy one). But I’ll come back to the steaks…

Right off, I should tell you that this is a great place even for non-steak lovers. The restaurant has a food attraction for every palate. They have delicious appetizers (between $9-$18), we ordered the “Jerk Chicken Nachos” ($15) the jerk chicken was marinated perfectly and bursting with flavor, the nachos were complimented with just the right amount of sauces, crumbled feta and gooey-melted cheese. The sauces were tangy, hit with just a bit of spiciness from the chimichurri sauce and finished with an impressive green guacamole. While we polished off the appetizer, we were presented with an olive oil dip with bread – it’s complimentary – a feature many halal restaurants are missing! As we satiated our indulgence, we turned our attention to the main event: Our AAA Rib Eye Steak” (12oz for $28), it was hard to miss as the sizzle could be heard making its way to our table. Steaks are served with a choice of: fries, mashed potatoes or salad, seasonal veggies and a colorful trio of sauces, chimichurri, compound butter, and a tangy mushroom sauce. We left the steak on for a few minutes until it reached a medium doneness and because it was our first time there, the server even came over and guided us on how to cook and cut into our steak to achieve perfect results – I found that to be extremely helpful! The result: a juicy, succulent and seasoned-to- perfection steak. The sauces complemented the steak really well. The spicy chimichurri sauce was my favorite out of the three! I should also mention that the menu boasts salads, pastas and poultry options; it is also accommodating of that friend who wants seafood instead of meat! They also have a kid’s section on the menu, and high chairs available for the little ones. To drink, I ordered a Shirley Temple blended with ice. A custom drink, while it tasted great, I would advise against the addition of ice as the drink tasted watered down after a few sips.

Last but definitely not least, we ordered cheesecake for dessert. The server informed us of their
special dessert of the day, made in-house: Chocolate Mousse ($8)! We decided to go with that
option. The plating was perfect; almost too pretty to eat! The mousse itself was not too sweet
and had special notes of cocoa powder which gave it a bittersweet effect. It was a great ending to our meal.

Blackstone’s Chef Afzal did a wonderful job on all the food that was served. He mentioned that everything is made completely from scratch; refreshing to hear indeed. The service and
dedication to customer satisfaction is also a key focus at this restaurant, both Chef Afzal and his
counterparts were extremely warm and welcoming, providing quick service.

Blackstone is definitely on my list of top ten restaurants in the GTA – and I can’t wait to visit
again with friends and family. Just a reminder: if you are planning a visit here make sure to
reserve a table in advance, especially on weekends; the restaurant fills up quickly and it’s
definitely a place you don’t want to miss!

Blog content provided by Neha Huzure

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